Curaçao Flag Friday, May 19th Netherland Antilles Flag

Dive 11 - Nieuwport

Dive 12 - Shipwreck Point

A lone pelican sympathizes with David

Trapeze and rock climbing wall ignored by guests

The dive boat comes for the final dive of the week

Making up for the Sunday's postponed second dive

David hoped to dive three times on the final day

But alas, the final dive leaves without him, again

Donna and Andy prep their tanks for the final dive

Back to the main dive shop to pick more divers

Dive 13 - Director's Bay

Find a dead lizard on the way back to the room

Now you know why I still couldn't dive today

Interesting vine with grape like berries

Disco next door gets a fresh load of dutch beer

The room you may not want on your visit to Breezes

Nurse Verna checks on David one more time

David leaves the room for his first sunset

Clouds prevent a sun on water ending

Andy enjoying wine back at Pastafari Italian

A little wine helps writing up the dive log

Andy liked the salmon with cream & veggies

Donna stuck with the beef medallions

The Sopranos had the very next table

Was that a cowfish or a trunkfish?

Donna brings lasagna and tiramisu back for David

The shrimp & fish platter with asparagus was good
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