Curaçao Flag Sunday, May 21st Aruba Flag

Almost forgot the traditional coconut photo

Dropped off at 530am for 7am flight

Andy waits for the airport to open

We finally check our bags and head to the gate

The gate's not open yet either, wait some more

Got time for a Moose Knuckle pose outside

Our Fokker 50 arrives to take us to Aruba

Take off and circle back by the Curacao airport

Overhead view of Curacao airport on way to Aruba

Refineries are bigger business than tourism here

We approach the Aruba coast

Plenty of refineries in Aruba as well

Crossing over the pretty coastline of Aruba

We circle around the airport to land

City and sports fields near the Aruba airport

Resorts and docks near the airport

Fokker 50 gets us to Aruba safely

Wait with Steve & Lenna and hope for an arriving 737

737 arrives 6 hours late due to Montserrat volcano
It went to Panama til the air was deemed safe

Almost got stuck in Aruba on our own dime after
being stuck in Curacao for seven days!

So happy to be leaving the Aruba airport

Nice hill in the middle of Aruba on the way home

Turn around after takeoff and skirt the coast

Pass by the airport on the way home

Passing over the Aruban coast for home

One more final shot, since I'm not coming back!

Cloudy over the carribean sea on the way home

Texas coast looks different than Aruban coast

Pass bye downtown Houston on the way to IAH

I'll take traffic jams over quarantine anytime!
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