Alamo Bowl Trip - December 29-31st, 2006

Start the trip with a pilgrimage to Shiner

Visiting the Spoetzl Brewery will slake our thirst

The 100th Anniversary will occur in 2009

Where is everyone?   Where is my free, cold beer?
Are they closed to man the Alamo Bowl tent?
The dejected Australian and I both ask, "WTF?"

Andy looks to the city for workers to come back

Next morning, await my coffee at San Antonio Chuys

Andy gets a breakfast fried egg enchilada platter

David eats light with an enchilada and taco plate

Game Time!   Start heading toward the Alamo Bowl

Walk by the Hemisphere's Tower of the Americas

Behold, the Alamo Dome awaits Longhorn fans

Cross under the interstate & head to the entrance

My first visit to the Alamo Dome and UT's third

Iowa's band spells out "Hawks" during pre-game

Longhorn band forms the UT logo

With flag in place, all sing The Eyes of Texas

Tremendous US flag for The Star Spangled Banner

Texas players enter the field

Bevo makes a quick endzone crossing & skedaddles

Horns kickoff to the Hawkeyes to start the game

Texas endzone is solid burnt orange

Iowa bolts to a 2TD lead & Texas starts its comeback

Iowa starts a long drive that ends by endzone INT

At halftime, Iowa leads Texas 14-10

Longhorn band halftime show plays the favorites

Up With People entertains those not in line for beer

Hawkeyes enter the field for the 2nd half

Longhorns follow closely behind

Selvin Young about to retake the lead in the 4th

Andy & Pat argue over the wisdom of going for two

Last play of the game does not go 85 yards

David, Andy, & Pat celebrate their 2nd Bowl victory

Longhorns come back twice and beat Iowa 26-24

Team gathers w/the band to sing The Eyes of Texas

Longhorns gather for trophy presentations

Down come the celebration balloons

Colt McCoy & Aaron Ross with O&D-fensive MVPs

Post game tailgate party in the AlamoDome parking lot to let traffic dissipate

Why wait in traffic when you can eat and drink
with old and new longhorn friends?

David enjoys the guacamole, cheese and sausage

Andy feeds poor souls trapped in endless gridlock

The President of Texas Exes Bay Area chapter
works on his re-election campaign

Iowa fans enjoy the bowl trip despite the loss

The joy of a pickup truck is gathering free,
abandoned grills in the parking lot

Longhorn fans hope to return for the Big XII . . .

. . . Championship game at the AlamoDome in 2007

Shove nine people in the van for a trip to downtown

Pat & Andy celebrate at the Menger Bar

Emily Morgan Hotel lights up beside the Alamo

The Alamo Bowl namesake, thanks Davy Crockett!

Alamo courtyard lit up with a Christmas tree

Trees around the Alamo are light up as well

Tower of the Americas appears over the trees

Three Amigos celebrate the Alamo Bowl victory

Head to the riverwalk to Ibiza Bar & Durty Nellies

Look for food after a few rounds of drinks

Find the less crowded, upstairs, Lone Star Cafe

The Three Amigos find both beer and tequila here

What is tequila?   It's like beer!

One for each other and all for one, the three brave
amigos are we.   El Guapo . . . another round please