Angelia's 3rd Birthday Party - January 14, 2012

Erin is invited to her first birthday party

No more tagging along with big sister

Her good friend Angelia invited Erin to her party

Daddy climbs the tall bounce house only once

And gets a view of two other bounces in the front room

Erin leads the way on all the climbing adventures

Nice obstacle course around the tall bounce house

Back around the other side of the obstacle course

Let's check out the bounce only house awhile

And then back to the fast slide bounce house

Erin & Angelia do it again   Wee!

A fourth bounce house with a basketball net inside

The girls run back & forth between the 4 bounce houses

Down the fast slide again

Erin is starting to wear Angelia out

Back to Tall Obstacle Course bounce house

Erin follows Angelia up to the top

And then slides down to the bottom

Inside the bounce house with the basketball goal

Watch me drive the lane and sink this bank shot

Erin & Angelia play a little air hockey

Bounce time is over, let's gather for a group shot

Three year olds are tough to gather for photos

Not bad, plus a smaller group helps with posing

Angelia's pretty and yummy chocolate and vanilla cake

Pizza time in the Jump N' Jungle front party room

Parch the thirst with the CapriSun first!

Angelia smiles as Erin digs into the pizza

Light the candle and sing happy birthday

Happy birthday to you, Angelia!   Now blow 'em out!

Cut the cake and enjoy a slice

Erin actually tries the cake with the icing!

Thanks for coming, friend.   You betcha!