Ariella's 5th Birthday Party - January 5th, 2013

Alex at classmate Ariella's house for her 5th birthday

Ariella has a petting zoo to help celebrate!

Doc McStuffins birthday cake for Ariella

Let's gather around and sing Happy Birthday first

Happy Birthday to you, dear Ariella!

Look out ducks!   Alex is in the petting zoo

Hi Mister Duck, I am only here to pet you

Goats aren't as uptight with me as ducks

Birthday girl gets the first pony ride

Give us a smile and pose for daddy's camera

Watch out, there are some angry birds in the zoo

Alex finally has some rabbits cornered

Hasenpfeffer?   No, she is feeding the rabbit!

Alex finally gets in line for her pony ride

Ariella's dad takes her for a ride

Good thing, because I forgot my spurs

The two gallop down the sidewalk

Make a U-turn by the sharp Maxima

And come back into the stable

Good timing as it really starts to come down now

No problem as Alex is in the covered petting zoo

Pony, back in the trailor, takes the rest of the day off

Go inside to watch Ariella open her gifts, happy birthday!

Alex loves watching someone else open gifts!