Lily's 4th Birthday Party - January 26, 2013

Erin is at her classmate Lily's 4th birthday party

It is a Princess Ariel themed party

Wow!   Your parents really decorated nice!

Balloon, streamers, plates, cups, even fish!

Lily starts the pin the seashell on the Ariel game

Erin waits her turn while Kinsley pins her shell

Erin checks to see how well she did

Good job Erin, way to pin the seashell on Ariel!

Check out more of the decorations, nice!

More fish and balloons throughout the house

Watermelon hollowed out and filled with grapes

Ariel themed plates and napkins, but of course

Lily, this is a great princess party!

The girls circle up to play some games

We should be passing snacks around instead of a ball

Mermaid shaped PB&J, goldfish & seashell wraps

Daddy would have loved to be here for this!

Outside for a little trampoline fun

Zip up the net and let have some bouncing fun

OK, I've had enough fun for now, let's move on

Hit the swingset for some back & forth

Lily is ready to dig for buried treasure

Erin and the other princesses lend a hand

Erin found rings among the buried treasure

Back inside to light the candles and sing Happy Birthday

Lily makes a wish and blows out the candles

That cupcake was too big for my mouth!

Cool it down with some Blue Bell ice cream

Gather round the Ariel pinata and pull a string

Keep pulling strings until the candy comes out

We found the right string, now scoop up the treats

Princess line up for a group photo

Happy Birthday Lily, you threw a wonderful party!