Landon's 5th Birthday - August 4th, 2013

Chuck E Cheese for classmate Landon's birthday party

Erin gets to tag along with Alex's class group

Alex takes Chuck out for a drive in style

Erin gives the big truck a spin

Alex makes sure the pig is always well fed

Erin helps a frog knock bugs off of lily pads

Moving some heavy equipment to a construction site

Alex & Bob scoop a kitty with a tractor

Both take a turn feeding a hungry frog

First Erin and then Alex feeds the frog

Erin takes Chuck out for a spin

Then stirs some hot chocolate while Alex takes a call

Alex works on her arm and throws some TD passes

Alex rides her horse in the Ken-Chuck-E derby

Erin notices the pig needs feeding again

Alex toss a couple more nuggets in the pigs mouth

Time to kick off the shoes and go climbing up above

Alex climbs the platform to get to the ceiling tubing

Alex pokes out her head to let me know where she is

And there is Erin.   Good, all are accounted for

Come back down for a dance with Chuck E Cheese

Come on Chuck, let me lead!

Alex goes for a ride on the Ken-Chuck-E derby

Photo from the finish line where she won by a nose

Erin peddles her way up to the clouds

Daddy, I am flying, follow me around

Hurry back to the ground before I run out of gas

Erin goes for a ride with the boy and his truck

Big sister joins in on the fun

Looking forward to more of this the next 20 years!

Finally time to celebrate the birthday with pizza

Landon has an awesome cake with a tank in the middle

Chuck E Cheese comes out and plays some air guitar

Landon and Chuck E Cheese play dueling banjos

Erin discovers parmesan cheese & dumps it on her pizza

Light the candles and sing happy birthday to Landon

Four different party tables occur simultaneously

Landon gets his photo with Chuck, Erin adds more cheese

Alex high fives Chuck after a pinata ticket collection

Landon's mom starts cutting cake slices

But Alex & Erin are more interested in ice cream

Cake is good but ice cream is better!

Landon opens his gift from the girls

He can learn new geography to roll his tank over!

The curtain lifts and Chuck appears, Alex says hi

Erin joins the conversation with Chuck

Chuck was a former bartender, apparently

You should go try that cake, the icing is great!

Girls grab a slice and eat as the party comes to an end

Plenty of tokens left so back to the gaming area

I just can't seem to get my horse to show

Alex works on feeding the pig

You got to put your bod weight into it, Alex

Let's both strategize on how to win this horse race

Pull the reigns, pull the reigns, turn, turn, turn

One more dance with Chuck before heading home!

To the left, to the left, to the right, to the right

Chuck throws a fistful of tickets to successful dancers

Scoop them up and head to the redeeming counter

Took the tickets home for next time, the line was too long