USS Iowa (BB-61) - April 13th, 2014

Visit my first Iowa Class battleship in Long Beach, CA, the USS Iowa (BB-61), with Kathy & Bill along

Kathy corrals the kamikaze Mitsubishi to the parking lot

David is fired up to see his first Iowa Class!

Tickets and boarding up at turret #2

First find the slyly camouflaged bathrooms to the left

Pay our $18 boarding fee and climb the ramp

Long pointy bow allows this fast battleship to go 33Kts

Bow of Iowa is off limits to tourists

Three siblings pose with three barrels of #1 turret

David gives a long deserved hug to the battleship Iowa

Front turret barrels are loading, #2 turret is ready to fire

1900 lbs shell displayed by the #1 turret

Bill shows off by lifting a 110 lbs propellant bag

Six 110 lbs propellant bags fire each shell

Dasani beverage machine added after decommissioning

Stop for a movie on the history of the battleship

Start the tour by climbing up a deck and going inside

Inside the officers wardroom for photos of Iowa's past

Model of battleship Arizona in the wardroom

Big screen TV was a post WWII addition to the ship

Officers studied different strategies during off hours

Executive Officer's stateroom had its own bathroom

Spacious senior officer's stateroom with room to stretch!

Comfy bed for those officers under 5' 8" !

Enlisted bathroom further down

View down a loading hatch covered with glass

Turret #2 is closed off as well

Circle around turret #2 to find the memorial plaque

47 sailors died in an explosion on April 19, 1989

Tour continues, back up and past a 5" gun turret

Inside the commanding officer's office

CO's desk with the latest in communication equipment

CO's bed, opposite the Iowa's unique feature

Only the Iowa has a bathtub, built for FDR

Imagine running down this long hatched corridor

Back out on deck with view of both turrets forward

View out the San Pedro channel toward Santa Catalina Island

All the five inch gun turrets are locked up as well

See Bill on a lower deck, take his photo!

Bill sees me on an upper deck and takes a video of me

View past a 5 inch turret toward the San Pedro channel

Higher view toward the bow beyond the #2 turret

Seat near the bridge conning tower

Communications rooms behind the bridge

#2 turret from below the bridge

Hallway behind the bridging conning tower

Looking beyond the #2 turret from the bridge

Inside the conning tower and view of ship's wheel

View from side of conning tower over both front turrets

Higher view looking down on the forward turrets

Bill thinks he finds an ice cream freezer, nope

I hear there is ice cream in the freezers?   Yes?   No

Phalanx Close Inboard Weapon System fires 3000 rpm

6 barrel, 20mm Gatling gun for cruise missle defense

AN/SLQ(V)3 on either corner plaform above detects ASMs

Chaff mortars fired to confuse incoming attacking missles

Fire control for 5 inch secondary guns

Anti-ship AGM-84 Harpoon cruise missles

4 quad launchers, added during 1983 modernization

Harpoons have a range of 75 miles & still used in Navy

2 of 4 amidship Tomahawk cruise missle launchers

Armored Box Launchers hydraulically raised to fire

3 Configs: Anti-Ship, land-attack or land-attack nuclear

Tomahawks have a range of 250-1500 nautical miles

16 inch main gun rangefinder & shell spotter

Iowa nervous about the close proximity of the cruise ship

Head down a deck past the Tomahawk exhaust hatches

Look over a 5" gun toward the entry while heading down

Another nice angle of #3 turret aiming toward cruise ship

Highway 47's Vincent Thomas Bridge spans past the cruise terminal and container ship unloading dock

Container ships unload at Terminal Island

Iowa's exit ramp before the cruise terminal processing

View of rear superstructure while heading down to deck

Starboard Harpoon quad launchers

All 5" guns were locked up for today's visit

Somebody really wanted to check out the inside

Finish up in the enlisted quarters' comfy bunk beds

Learn to not sit up on awakening pretty quickly

Kathy poses with the #3 turret as we finish up on deck

#3 turret is also locked up, no 16" gun viewing today

Still hazardous inside after less than 2 years on display

Deck wood will be perpetually in a state of repair

Look forward at the rear superstructure from the #3 turret

Back inside to view the enlisted galley

Hope it is serving food by the next time I visit

Kitchen fed over 2600 enlisted men daily

Enlisted cafeteria tables beyond the kitchen

Crewmen could catch up on their soaps during lunch

Harpoon cruise missle on display in the cafe

Model of the USS Missouri during WWII configuration

Floatplane catapults and loaded up with AA guns

Find the gift shop inside the enlisted cafeteria

Outside for a 16" gun firing . . . kind of loud

Swivel the gun back to keep the cruise boat in check

Twin rear circular machine gun nest walls still in place

NCL's 92K ton , 965" Norwegian Star dwarfs the Iowa

Check out #3 turret from stern of ship

Bill poses namesake banner and #3 turret

#3's 16" guns and Iowa superstructure fill the photo

Basketball goal added during the 1983 modernization?

Bill takes a final video before we depart the ship

Still haven't been inside a 16" gun turret of an Iowa Class

Visited the bottom 4 with 3 more Iowa Class ships to go

Final view onboard the Iowa, heading down the exit ramp

Two 5" turrets & 2 Phalanx guns bookend the lifeboat

Walk past entry ramp for superstructure photo

Head to bow of ship for identification number

Can only view the bow of BB-61, stern in cruise ship area

Goodbye Iowa, I will say hi to your sisters soon

Crossing guard between antenna & windshield of truck

Pacific Electric 500 safely passes the too forward pickup

Take Hi-47's Vincent Thomas Bridge back to Cucamonga

Final view of the Iowa hiding behind NCL's Norwegian Star
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