Kaavya's 5th Birthday Party - April 5th, 2014

Girls attend Kaavya's birthday party at Rustic Oaks Park

Girls head straight to the swings

Alex likes the toddler swing for the 0.5 sec of zero G

Higher daddy!   I want to be parallel to the ground!

Erin's turn for zero G experiments

Don't know if I like zero G facing down or . . .

. . . or is Zero G better facing up?

Kaavya and Erin show off their henna tattoos

Saruzzo's is excellent pizza, love the green pepper slice!

Alex plays in the sand on the volleyball court

Erin and the rest of the party follow along

Fill your shoes with sand to surprise mommy later!

The rain holds off long enough to have a great birthday party in the park

Time to light the candles on impressive homemade cake

Happy Birthday 2 U, dear Kaavya, Happy Birthday 2 U

Make a wish and blow out the candles

I cannot wait to dig into that rich chocolate cake!

Cupcakes for those too impatient to wait for a slice

Let's try some full cake belly Zero G experiments!

David decides to try out a henna tatto as well

No flowers for boys, must have a sports emblem

Erin & David's henna tattoos are fading 4 days later