Visiting the Battleship Texas - January 4, 2016

Visit the Battleship Texas on the final day of Christmas break

Girls are excited to finally board the mighty ship

The Big T is still looking good coming up on it's 102nd birthday though efforts are underway to turn this into a drydock

Daddy pays $12 to board and the girls board for free

The girls finally cross the threshold to board the mighty ship

Secured without chains since the elementary school field trip debacle

The Battleship Texas is a National Historic Landmark

The girls promptly hop onto a 3 inch gun

Man your battle stations!

Switch seats and elevate this bad boy to ward off kamikazes

Board the ship at turret 4 and will inspect 3 decks down and 3 levels up

Back as far as we can go astern, between turrets 4 and 5

Stern roped off to store equipment to refurbish the wood deck

Alex inspects another 3 inch gun       We are locked and loaded, daddy!

Ships bell stamped 1913 hangs on the aft superstructure

Girls touch the barrels of turret 3's 14 inch guns

Turret #3, aft superstructure, turret #4 and turret #5

Lets see the full antenna of the aft superstructure

Daddy, we are holding the barrel off the deck

There you are, let me focus in and see my little girls

Check out the open air kitchen on the way to the enclosed 5 inch guns

That is a lot of large pots but can they feed 1000 crewman?

Pass a maintenance room as we enter the enclosed main deck

Into the covered Air Castle to check out the 5 inch gun battery

Aim this gun toward the ship channel in case of pirate activity

Pass the shell display toward the port side forward facing guns

There would be a nice breeze manning these guns in battle

More shells on the inner wall and wisely bolted down

Rather loud area to put a bakery!

Check out the starboard side 5 inch gun battery

Daddy, this gun is aiming at our car in the parking lot

Let's adjust the aim to the car that double parked

Arms race had US keeping pace with Japan but not England or Germany

Looks like I am not getting a 5 inch shell souvenir after all

Aft starboard 5 inch gun aims toward the boarding bridge

Pay attention when getting a drink of water or you might be surprised

The Air Castle was great fun, what could possible top it?

Head forward and view the 5 inch guns from outside

Texas was the first battleship to be armed with machine guns in WWI

Continue forward for a nice view of the main superstructure

Wow, these guns are even bigger that the 5 inch guns inside!

Look at these chain links, they are huge!

Erin almost has a Titanic moment at the ship's bow with the Monument

The business side of the ship, time for many photos!

Vast deck shot with main battery and super structure

Vertical main battery and superstructure . . . SWEET!

Top mast superstructure . . . would love to climb up there someday

Focus on the big 14 inch guns of turrets 1 and 2

Not going to fall through the anchor port today

Daddy and his girls pose with the Big T

One more for a facebook profile photo

Moving aft to check out one of many 20mm maching gun mounts

Port side view of protruding 5 inch guns and anti aircraft armament

Girls find the hatch to enter turret #1

Left barrel has a shell ready to push into the chamber

Right barrel with one of four powder charges required to fire

Erin climbs down out of turret #1

Climb down to the 2nd deck and find the ships find silver

Officers are ready for their Christmas dinner

Officer's quarters with room to turn around and only one bed

Officers bathroom with toilet and shower

Bleeding edge technology from 1925

Girls think of lunch when passing by the officers mess hall

Beds are everywhere space allows it throughout the ship

The ship's store has plenty of items for sale

Dentist office has a soothing wall of rivets to look at

Barbershop has three empty chairs and no waiting

Enlisted bunk room with decent headroom between the bunks

The girls are not excited about the enlisted bathroom

Down to the 4th deck to view tightly enclosed ancient machinery

Check out the radio room before heading back up top

View of quad 40mm mount while climbing to upper decks

Higher view of turret #3 and aft superstructure

Erin checks out the functionality of another 3 inch gun

This 3 inch gun took out the San Jacinto Inn in 1987

Only turret #1 is accessible, the other four are locked up

Alex checks out the quad 40mm protecting the parking lot

Erin gives a salute to the San Jacinto Monument

Ship side view of 5 inch gun and ship anchorage with Monument background

Starboard side view of battleground bathroom and snack house

Battleship giftshop, ticketing area and entry ramp

Entry ramp reaches the ship aft starboard side at turret #4

More quad 40mm guns as we climb higher up the superstructure

The pilot house was the only place of wartime damage off Normandy

Great view outside the pilot house over the guns toward the monument

The more modern twin sisters aim toward Santa Anna's camp

20mm single guns and quad 40mm gun emplacements

Closest available view of the top most superstructure

Site of San Jacinto Inn Restaurant long enjoyed until 1987

Downward view of ship's crane and one quad 40mm gun emplacement

View over crane toward ship channel

Weathered spotlight on an upper, unreachable deck

Another view of ship channel beyond crane and turret #3

Head toward the exit and a complete tour on a beautiful day

Deck board replacement underway using 4x4 inch boards

Alex gives the Texas a finally salute from the last 3 inch gun

Erin balances upon three 14 inch shells before departing the ship

Closer view of the mooring supports from the exit ramp

Final view of the #4 and #5 turrets and rear machine gun emplacements

Battleship Texas always faces the San Jacinto Monument

The three versions of the ship through the war years

Entry ramp reaches the Texas on the starboard side of turret #4

Side view of the three starboard 5 inch guns

Head towards the bow for increasing photos of awesome-ness

She looks great for 102 years old but she is high maintenance

Hope to find her in drydock one of these days to keep her around awhile