A Final Visit to the Battleship Texas

At the San Jacinto Battleground - August 24th, 2019

Visit the Battleship Texas on the last weekend its open at San Jac

Erin comes along to experience the mighty ship a final time

The entire Houston area comes out and cars park in the over flow lot where the Monument Inn once stood

The ship will be closed and prepared for transit to an out of state drydock for much needed hull repair and may not return to San Jacinto

We will go visit it where ever its new home turns out

It is great to see the deck full of visitors today

The Texas was most powerful weapon in the world in 1913

We pay our entry fees and make our way to the concrete gangplank

The rusty sides tell the tale for its needed drydock excursion

Have never viewed the stern of the ship from the water

Come aboard at the #4 turrent and head below deck near #3

The only reason to join the Boy Scouts, to sleep aboard the Texas!

Arrive too late to fill our plate at the chow line

Pass by the mail room in 90° heat below deck

Find the first Texas' ship bell in the air conditioned Ward Room

Many other visitors view the ships silver settings in the cool Ward Room

Various dignitaries offered silver settings to the mighy warship

Good angles are hard to come by in the cramped quarters

This setting was presented to the 1895 Texas, renamed San Marcos in 1911

Awards and trophies won by the Texas in the nineteen teens

View out the port hole in the Ward Room toward the bathrooms

Visit the bathrooms, no heater needed today

Second deck dentist office

Soda Fountain and ship's store

Taylor shop and laundry room

Cool water would be greatly appreciated in the crew washroom

Plexiglass wisely put over the toilets in the bathrooms

People passing out on 3rd deck yesterday could have used the Sick Bay

Erin has been ready to back up top as it is hot below deck

Pass the operating room as we circle the second deck

The barber shop has three chairs but no mags to read

Radar Room - Texas was one of the first US warships with radar

Erin is happy to get back out into the cool 88 degree temps

Head forward from the #3 middle turret

Erin checks out the starboard side 5 inch guns

Pre WWI dreadnoughts hadn't put 5" guns in turrets yet

Rear starboard 5 inch gun discourages interlopers

Visit the forward starboard gun and continue toward the bow

20mm Oerlikon gun fired 450 explosive rounds/minute

Make our way beyond the forward big guns

I'll miss the view of the San Jacinto Monument from the Texas' future home

Line up our big guns portrait photo

Erin gets her photo with the Texas' forward 14 inch guns

David has posed here many times before and will so again

Angle on the anchor chain on one of two port side exits

Erin beside the #1 turret with line to glimpse inside it

We skip the turret line and check out the port side 5" guns

She aims the forward 5" gun towards daddy's car in the grass

The rear port 5" gun watches over the ship channel & Buffalo Bayou

Out of the covered first deck and back toward the #3 turret

Rear superstructure beyond the #3 turret

Look back at #3 and access to the sauna called second deck

Continue for a view of the #5 turret

Beyond which has been a ship restoration work area for many years

Raised #4 turret and access to below deck

Erin poses between a deck 3" gun and the #4 turret

The 1913 ship's bell is mounted below the rear superstructure

Angle for the middle turret barrels shot with forward superstructure

Another view of the broadside only middle turret

Erin climbs a deck 3" gun beside the rear superstructure

Erin with her 3" gun and the #3 turret

Every visitor has had their photo taken here the last 70 years

Instead of soap, some water seal should be used to swab the deck

Another view of the rear superstructure beyond the #3 turret

Erin mounts a port side 3" deck gun and takes aim at . . .

The 30 year younger, Ellington based, B-17 flying over the Texas

Port side overflow parking is full and with at least one car proudly sporting a San Jacinto Monument/Battleship Texas license plate

I think I see it, right before the red pickup

Not allowed to climb any higher than this in today's heat

Go ahead and climb into the machine gun nest with two 20mm Oerlikon guns

Port side guns haven't been refurbished too recently

Wish we could climb up to the pilot house, site of only combat death

People passed out from the heat yesterday & then its hard to get them down

Someday, we'll climb all the way up to the Battle Lookout Station

Raised view of San Jacinto Monument and turrets #2 and #1

Move further out to view visitors out on deck

Erin captures David on a quad Bofors 40mm gun mount with the Monument

Range Finders & Sky Lookouts extend out of the forward superstructure

Capture every angle including the cranes

Erin poses by David's JSC RaPID Lab coworker Mark

Look down on the #3 turret before heading back down

Just need four 105 lbs propellant charges to make these 14" shells giddy-up

Farewell Battleship Texas, come back home soon, fully repaired

Look back at turret #5 and we exit the ship

Close up view of the rusty hull that will soon fail w/o needed repairs

Walk out to try to get a stern photo of the Battleship Texas

Can see 35 but not quite the name "Texas" on the stern

Visitors will walk aboard her one more day at this location

What will be come of the gift shop and ticket booth when Texas is gone?

A final view of visitors boarding the Battleship Texas at San Jacinto

Erin poses before the starboard 5 inch guns

A panarama would have been more timely here

Get both docking posts with visitors boarding the Texas

All four docking posts holding the Texas steady

Erin makes her final visit to the Battleship Texas at the San Jacinto Monument

She is a grand ship, the former flagship of the US Navy

She took President Coolidge to a conference in Cuba

Walter Cronkite made his first war correspondence on her at Casablanca

She shelled Normandy, Cherbourg, Iwo Jima and Okinawa in WWII

May her new location have a parking lot this full when she returns from drydock and finds a new anchorage

The last dreadnought, the last warship that served both WWI & WWII

The first battleship with 14 inch guns (1914) and anti-aircraft guns (1916)

The first US Warship to launch an aircraft from its deck (1919)

And the only US warship proudly displayed on American currency

Drop by the San Jacinto Monument on the way out, the cradle of Texas liberty

At 567 feet, it is 12 feet taller than the Washington Monument in DC

The Texans had asked no quarter & gave none, victory complete & Texas free!

A listing inside the museum of officers & men who fought at San Jacinto

Tell Pee Wee Herman the San Jacinto Monument has a basement!

The battleship Texas beyond the monument's reflecting pool