Goliad County Courthouse - July 9th, 2018

Visit the 1894 Goliad County Courthouse in Goliad

The 4th courthouse built with priors in 1870, 1855 & 1847

It lost its clock tower in 1942 and got it back in 2003

The Masons laid the cornerstone on Texas Independence Day 1894

Huge tree with plenty of low hanging branches around it

Well no wonder, its the hanging tree whose presence provides deterrence

The hanging tree has only hung laundry since 1870

1902 tornado killed 114 and the courthouse served as the morgue

General Filasola signed the ratification of peace after his capture @ Goliad

Memorial to Goliad County soliders to died serving their country in WWI

View of east side of Courthouse from Market Street

The Regulators were a vigilante band of ranchers who ran off lawbreakers

South side view from Courthouse Square Street

South side windows are sealed up with cinder blocks, for the jail?

View of the courthouse west side from Commercial Street

Goliad County WWII Memorial . . . and no CSA memorial present

Manchola advocated Texas statehood, then fled due to anti-mexican sentiment

Drive past the Goliad High School drivers favorite tree