Hays County Courthouse - June 23rd, 2018

Visit the 1908 Hays County Courthouse in San Marcos

The fourth county courthouse built in Hays County

The courthouse was restored in 1998 after a 1993 bond election passed

The 1908 courthouse retained the 1882 cornerstone near the new cornerstone

Above it is the true 1908 cornerstone for the building

Two stacked cornerstones can be found in the courthouse NE corner

1907 fountain has an ankle-height trough for dogs & kitties!

East side view with ground floor windows going through another restoration

Find a statue of a cowboy in the Courthouse square NE corner

It is John "Jack" Hays, the man the county was named for

State Senator Burleson had the county named for his friend in 1848

Hays went to California in 1849 and founded the city of Oakland

Walk to the south side with the four column entry way

Almost a carbon copy of the Ft. Bend County Courthouse, minus the clocks

The Old Triangle still stands in the courthouse square

Originally used to alert firemen and then announce business closing time

The west side has the fire escape from the 2nd & 3rd floors

Story of the three prior courthouses built in 1861, 1869 & 1882

View from the SW corner at Guadalupe & San Antonio streets

Clear the trees to view the statue above the dome

Capture the statue and four column south side entry without tree blockage

Courhouse main entry with street address above

American & Texas flags fly before the very handsome Hays CC

Lady Justice stands tall atop the courthouse dome