Jackson Co. Courthouse - January 7th, 2018

Visit Edna, TX to see the fourth county courthouse of Jackson County built in 1954

Jackson County voted nearly 2 to 1 to seceed from the Union

Jackson county sent over 100 men to the CSA during the war

Vietnam Veteran's Memorial listing the seven county KIA

Irwin laughed in the face of danger at Mazatlan, Mexico in 1916

Walk from Main Street to Wells Street to view the Christmas decorations in front of the gazebo

View the east side of the courthouse from Hi-111 or Wells Street

Austin's 1st land grant town Santa Anna was renamed Texana & later Edna

Edna train station may or may not be used to service trains anymore

The first station had a different name back in 1880

The Detention center has an enclosed prisoner bus loading area

County named for President Andrew Jackson and settled in 1824

The 1908 City Hall is directly across Main Street from the courthouse

The Movie Theater and Bail Bondsman are west, across Ed Linn Street