Milam County Courthouse - December 26, 2018

Visit the 1892 Milam County Courthouse in Cameron, Texas

County named for Ben Milam, who died for Texas' Independence

It replaced a 1875 brick structure with a cupola & weather vane

Renaissance Revival design made of cream-colored limestone

The western Central Avenue side has the wheel chair entrance

All four entrances have unaccessible balconies above

Mrs. Trigg used complex math to master tomato and teach canning

Clocktower and new Justice statue were replaced by 2001

Northside view from 1st Street with flags at halfmast for President Bush

Milam County's flag has the county seal and the year it was created

Memorial to Milam County residents who gave their lives for their country

Square Corinthian columns rise from the heavily rusticated base

Cornerstone placed on the 4th of July, 1891

Southeastern corner has the bell from the earlier courthouse

The city of Cameron became the county seat in 1846

670 men faced tremondous odds . . . God and time were against them

Tower bell with half staff flags and rusticated base in the background

Statue of Ben Milam sits in the SW corner of the courthouse square

He helped capture Goliad but was killed during the seige of Bexar, 1835

Born in Kentucky, soldier in the War of 1812 & Texas empresario

Who will follow old Ben Milam into San Antonio?

Milam rallied the troops when others wanted to winter quarter

The original Goddess of Justice was put in storage in 1938 & lost

Lightning rods ward of pigeons on a soon to be stormy day

Across from the southeast courthouse corner is the county jail

1895 Romanesque Revival style built with St. Louis pressed bricks

Built with a hanging tower with trap door inside but never used

The first Tomato Club started here was the forerunner of 4-H clubs

1st floor w/10 rooms served as a residence for the sheriff & family

2nd & 3rd stories consisted of cell blocks for prisoners

Railroad tracks southeast of the old county prison building

New county jail was built in 1975 & this opened as a museum in 1978

The Milam County Jail Museum was restored again in 1988

Memorial to Milam County Sheriffs on the county jail grounds

Thirty nine sheriffs listed serving from 1837 to 1995 and on

The 1892 Milam County Courthouse from Main & Fannin Streets