Robertson County Courthouse - Dec. 26, 2018

Visit the 1883 Robertson County Courthouse in Franklin, Texas

The 4th county courthouse and first built in Franklin

The county seat was moved, a 5th time, to Morgan, renamed Franklin, in 1879

The clocktower was removed and a flat roof installed in 1924

The remodeling saved the building from deteriorating for restoration

The old roof and clock tower was restored, completed in 2011

Two 1970's annexes were demolished but the 1880 jail has been restored

The west side annex was removed for a clear view of the 1882 Jail

Construction of the jail began in 1880

Second Empire stone courthouse restored to original configuration

Rear of the jail viewed from Morgan Street on the north side

New annex built on the north side built to resemble the 1882 courthouse

The new annex replaced the 1970's north annex

The new north annex was completed in 2011

Nice patio gardent built to hide an HVAC vent

View from the northeast corner of Morgan and Center streets

Southeast corner view from Center and Decherd Streets

Town was renamed when another Morgan already had a post office

Veterans memorial dedicated to all who served our country for freedom

View of the southern, main entrance with Christmas decorations

Flags at half staff for President George H. W. Bush

Restoration of the original 1882 roof was completed in 2014

Finally restored to its original configuration 130 years later

The Franklin Lions roar about their beautifully restored courthouse