Somervell County Courthouse - March 14, 2018

Visit the 1894 Somervell County Courthouse in Glen Rose, TX

Capture the Lone Star patio directly in front with the fountain right

View the equestrian statue to the left of the courthouse

It's the Barnards of the Brazos, the First Family of Glen Rose

Find more memorials on the south corner of the courthouse square

Find the standard courthouse sesquicentennial marker

County named for Battle of San Jac Veteran & Rep of TX Secretary of War

Memorial to veterans of foreign wars and those who died serving

1896 building across the street beyond the equestrian statue

Erected in 1962 w/veterans of Viet Nam, Iraq & Afghanistan added later

South side of courthouse viewed from Elm Street

West side (back) of courthouse viewed from Vernon Street

North, thin side, of rectangular courthouse viewed from Walnut Street

Continue back to front, east side, viewed from Barnard Street

Late Victorian style courthouse built with native limestone

County Judge & Commissioners during the courthouse renovation in 1987

Gazebo built between the US & Texas flags and the courthouse

Gazebo was dedicated on April 21, 1933 by the Glen Rose Band

Glen Rose has even more historic sites and points of interest

1893 cornerstone laid by the Glen Rose lodge

Climb the stairs to the courtroom on the second floor

Court is not in session yet a jolly fellow is still presiding

This judge can easily tell if county residents are naughty or nice

Back downstairs to the ground floor of the 120+ year old courthouse