Texas @ Virginia - September 26-29, 1996

Fly to Baltimore and then drive to Richmond, VA

Get a red Buick Skylark that SCREAMS "rental"

Visit the Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond

Inside the Poe Museum Enchanted Garden courtyard

Other side of Enchanted Garden towards the Poe Shrine

David inside the Poe Shrine

Drive by the Virginia State Capitol building

Enjoy some unique architecture downtown

CSA's Executive Mansion now Museum of the Confederacy

Bill "Bojangles" Robinson - tap dancer and actor

Head to Charlottesville to see Jefferson's Monticello

Stone chimneys still remain from the slave's wooden huts

Vineyards are planted beyond the stone chimney

David poses in the vineyards, hurry up & ferment already!

View of vegetable garden terrace

The flower and vegetable gardens of Monticello

Thomas Jefferson retired after the Presidency to Monticello in 1809, if it looks familiar, it's on the back of the nickel

We took a tour but no photos inside

Look at me!   I'm on the back of the nickel!!

Brad looks down on a very big nickel

Walk around to the other side of the Monticello

The touring party (Melinda, Robert, Brad) stops for a pose

Take the winding flower walk and head towards . . .

. . . the Monticello Graveyard where Jefferson rests

The fancy gate to the Monticello Graveyard

TJ: Author of the Declaration of American Independence & the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom

The obelisk also states him the Father of the University of Virginia and he lived from 4-02-1743 to 7-04-1826

Monticello Graveyard has direct descendants & spouses

Offices below while heading back to the parking lot

Tour the campus of the University of Virginia

David gives his best Jeffersonian pose

The Rotunda, completed in 1826, now houses offices

View of odd numbered Pavillions in the Academic Village

View of Rotunda from the inside the Academic Village

McIntire Amphitheatre is mainly used for student gatherings

View of the stadium from Melinda's apartment

Parking garage tailgating is within stumbling distance!

UVA tickets are a buck less than UT home games!

#13 Texas' first road game of the year at #19 Virginia the week after losing to Notre Dame in Austin.   Tiki Barber has 3 TDs in the 1st quarter after 3 James Brown turnovers

Priest Holmes has UT's only TD in the 3rd quarter

The only rain of the entire weekend was during the game

Texas is doomed to a 37-13 loss after six turnovers

Melinda & Robert see us off after Sunday breakfast

Brad, Rob, & David enjoy meeting up out of state

The Skylark tries to pass a truck on the way to the airport