Old Galveston Courthouse - March 7th, 2015

A visit to Galveston Island's 1966 County Courthouse

Considered a bland county courthouse constructed in Texas since 1950

Erected in 1965 but still called the 1966 Courthouse

First check out the Sesquicentennial Monument near the courthouse

Erected in 1986 on the state's 150th anniversary of independence

Next, the circle of notable Galveston Citizens - Republican Cuney

Rabbi Cohen helped immigrant led humane treatment for prisoners

Father Kirwin helped Galveston rebuild after the big storm

Childress signed the TX Declaration of Independence, but had issues

The Texas Bar Association exist from 1882-1940

An innner circle of Texas History blocks ring the center statue

Apparently, Galveston is a large supplier of seafood to the area

Origin of Galveston County city names presented here

Galveston was first explored by Cabeza de Vaca in 1528

Early settlements and notable names in Galveston County

Galveston was the Capital of the Republic of Texas briefly under Burnettt

Republic of Texas navy, based in Galveston, had zero ships 1937-1940

Smith led confederate vessels to victory at Galveston & Sabine Pass

Rosenberg Fountain moved from center to courtyard corner in 1911

Angled with the US and Texas flags behind it

Confederate memorial statue was installed in 1911

Statue in an inner circle with plaques and History Blocks behind it

Chapter President was Rosenberg's 2nd wife, who moved his 1898 fountain

Statue was restored in 2012 by still existing Daughters Chapter

Dignified Resignation by United Daughters of the Confederacy

Still Dignified with Resignation that someone stole his sword blade

Monuments are always erected as the last veterans are dying off

Cornerstone of the 1899 courthouse behind the 1966 courthouse

The new 1966 courthouse was constructed in front of the 1899 courthouse that was then demolished

Hurricane Carla damaged the prior century courthouse beyond repair

Learn about a surviving column from the 1898 Galveston Co. Courthouse

The courthouse survived the 1900 storm but not Hurricane Carla in 1961

The 1965 Courthouse replaced it, column is on Vinland Drive in Nassau Bay

Still looking for the other 31 columns once part of the 1898 GalCo Courthouse