Cozumel Two Tank Dive - June 15, 2006
Five day cruise on the Carnival Ecstasy to
celebrate my parent's 50th Anniversary

A two tank dive for our Cozumel shore excursion

We will taken to shore by boat today

Just off the boat and entering Cozumel

Enter from the top and exit from the bottom

Pass the photographers and onto dry land

Our scuba contact awaits in front of Ron Jon

Nice little Mayan Temple fountain in the middle

Fill out the paperwork with certification info

The excursion boats continue to depart the Ecstasy

The boats bring the tourists to their shore excursions

Another boat drops off another 300 passengers

Our scuba boat arrives to take us diving

Decent boat with shade, 2 ladders, & floor matting

The dive crew sets up our equipment

Donna hits the water at Santa Rosa Wall

Let the novice divers slam into each other ahead

Swam through 3 separate chutes through the coral

Donna maintains her distance from the novice divers

Plenty of nice, big Queen Angelfish on this dive

Not enough lobster for my brother's dining pleasure

Drop down deep and swim up the last chute

Donna comes out of the last chute on a nice dive

Back on the dive boat, Donna tells her Blue Hole
bologna in the fin with Bull sharks story

The rest of the group relaxes, happy that they
have a working depth gage, unlike David

Traveling back for the second shallow dive

All three cruise ships are nearby for dive two

Divemasters fins visible over 100 feet away

Caribbean spiny lobster tries to hide at Paradise Reef

First encounter with a Sargassum triggerfish

Black Durgon and a sea anomone

Sorry about eating your cousin on Tuesday night

And the camera starts to fog for the Bar Jack

Margates and Bluestriped Grunts

Plenty of big footlong filefish in Cozumel

Banded butterflyfish

Queen triggerfish - dang ole fogged camera!

The group encounted a giant cinderblock

Donna checks it out right before the safety stop

We return back to the dock after the dives are done

Still recovering from Wilma back on October 21, 2005

Gather your gear and forget about a fresh water rinse

David lugs a heavy backpack full of wet gear

Check out the shops at the cruise ship dock

Most shops don't want dripping gear inside

Couldn't find a window display of cheap Guayaberas

Back to Ron Jon to head back to the Ecstasy

Need a Carnival ID & photo ID to clear the Federales

All the federales say, they could have had him on that day
They only let him slip away, out of kindness, I suppose

Blue water at the cruise boat shore excursion dock

Back to the Ecstasy past the old busted dock

The Carnival Triumph is 30k tons larger than Ecstasy

She carries 700 more passengers and is 40ft longer

But I'd rather be in Ecstasy than to Triumph

Approaching the side of massive ship

The gangplank is ready to come aboard

The crowd debarks back to the Ecstasy

Earlier departure for a smaller crowd today

Back up top, watching the passengers return

Donna talks with Muskogee passengers on the delay

Norwegian Cruise Line ship also used shuttle boats

Two detained passengers force a late departure
which is made with their remaining in Mexico

I betcha mexican prisons don't serve salmon
and cream cheese bagels in lockup