Stingray City, Grand Cayman, October 24th, 1998

Donna is excited about the upcoming stingray dive

David poses in front of cruise ships

Althea, Tom, & Donna hear the predive info

Althea will snorkle, Tom will dive

David, Althea, and Tom are ready to go

Donna holds out squid

Here come the stingrays

Don't hold the squid against your body!

Now look what you've done!

Looks like Donna made the same mistake

Donna's stingray sombrero floats away

David's sombrero keeps the sun's rays away

David gets eye to eye with a stingray

Tom dodges a sting ray

Tom gets a new load of squid

Donna and David survived the dive, YES!

Lookout Donna, the pirates are sneaking up

David shows off his stingray hickey

Group pose back at the hotel

About to board the "Gnat"

Tom, Althea, and Donna in Hell

No sign of Hurricane Mitch yet

All tourist evacuate before Mitch arrives

Leaving Grand Cayman for Hurrican Mitch