Curaçao Flag Sunday, May 14th Netherland Antilles Flag

Donna & Andy gear up for the first dive of the week

Must do a checkout dive first, second boat dive now
this afternoon.   Talk with Jerry (MO) later in the day

Dive 1 - Checkout Shore Dive

Dive 2 - Director's Bay

Only place to sit at Breezes on Mother's Day is at the
burger shack.   Must be 5,000 people here today

Amstel isn't too bad when it's all inclusive
It calms the charlie horse calves as well

Six hours of sun, beer and rum smoothies later,
dinner at Munasan Teppanyaki Grill

Benjamin was our chef/grilling artist

Stir fry noodles with chicken and shrimp

Andy tries sake and chopsticks for the first time

Sipping scotch after dinner by the pool

Andy likes the Johnny Walker as well

Donna fetches another round at the drink hut

David is looking forward to a whole week of this
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