Curaçao Flag Wednesday, May 17th Netherland Antilles Flag

Dive 7 - Barracuda Point

Dive 8 - Diver's Leap

Room 2306, the quarantine room

Fridge, stove & microwave at all inclusive resort?

I've already worn out the carpet pacing in place

Watching the dive boat come and go without me

Check it out, Curacao has Smart Cars!

And now with David's help, they have the POX!

Back to Munasan Teppanyaki Grill for sushi & stirfry

Jacqueline joins Andy for dinner again

Alternate between Italian and Japanese every night

Definately blows away the buffet

Veggies first, then the noodles

Make a little extra for David stuck up in the room

Donna referees for Andy and Jacqueline

More smiles when the referee steps aside

Donna would be solo for the week without Andy

Speaking of solo, quarantine boy enjoys some sushi
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