Curaçao Flag Thursday, May 18th Netherland Antilles Flag

Dive 9 - Tugboat

Dive 10 - Jan Thiel

Donna takes the camara out for some resort shots

Tanning beach with trapeze in the background

Andy learned about the fish sandwich at the
burgershack on day one

Strutting pigeon would fluff up her neck when you
threw her a french fry.   Maybe she was
requesting mayonnaise on her fries?

One of several large parrot cages on the resort

View down the beach in front of the resort

Breezes has a bonus tortoise pen along with parrots

Ignored pool at the Pelican Wing building

Everyone is off to the main pool with swimup bar

The pirate ship doles out watercraft for guests

View back to the resort from the farthest edge away

Lagoon and beach protected by a manmade reef

Enjoying the shade of tall palm tree

Another parrot cage on the far side of the resort

Awesome flowers throughout the resort

No one plays shuffleboard in the heat of the day

The chess board is too close to the casino . . .

. . . speaking of which, time for some blackjack

The beach bar & grill had a great fish sandwich

The swimup bar had constant patronage during the day

The buffet was always available but not that great

The birds enjoyed the buffet

Divers prepare for the afternoon dive

You may or may not be on the list and there
could be four to twenty-five other divers on the boat

Only took photos at the satellite dive shop

The perfect symbol of the trip, the pox coral

Meanwhile, David has visitors back in quarantine

Please stay five feet away

This crap may clear up in time for me to go home!

Andy enjoys a drink out at the pool while
waiting for dinner

Donna and Andy enjoy the italian food better

The lasagna appetizer was first rate

The linguine alfredo was a good appetizer also

Don't forget a shot of the lasagna

Breezes front entrance at night

Casino lit up for an evening of gambling

Internet cafe by the gym, and pool tables

Internet cafe and gym were empty most of the time

David sneaks out for the circus show

Sit far and down wind the other guests

Back to the room for a round of hearts

This the most fun David's had all week!
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